Consulting Services

Market Analysis

The market for biomethane / renewable natural gas is driven by the need to decarbonize conventional natural gas.  Since conventional natural gas is lower cost to purify to pipeline or vehicle quality standards, RNG requires incentives to be economic.  In Canada and the USA, these incentives are complex and frequently change.  Another complexity is the difficulty of developing new RNG facilities , due to pipeline interconnection requirements, emission requirements, permitting issues, gas rights / organics acquisition, and other factors.  Dekany can assist groups investigating the market.

Project Feasibility

Renewable natural gas can be generated from food waste, wastewater treatment plants, farm waste, and landfills.  Each source of RNG has its own complexities and risks.  With experience with over 100 biogas projects around the world, Dekany can assist with organic waste generators, project developers, and public sector waste management organizations to assess the technical and commercial feasibility of RNG projects.

Owner’s Engineer

Especially for RNG projects in the public sector, the role of Owner’s Engineer is an important way for entities not familiar with RNG projects to assess their projects while they are being engineered, built and commissioned, to ensure budgets, system capabilities and schedules are conforming to expectations.  Dekany has served as the owner’s engineer for several high profile RNG projects.

Project Enhancements

Existing RNG facilities, or RNG facilities in construction, often have opportunities to enhance production capacity, lower costs or improve uptime.  Dekany has been involve in many RNG debottlenecking exercises and facility turnarounds and can add value in wide variety of ways.

Acquisition Due Diligence

For companies considering the acquisition of an RNG facility, Dekany can assist with the identification of risks, potential problems and project enhancement opportunities.  Dekany has provided technical and financial due diligence services for more than thirty RNG projects in the last ten years.